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ABS has one of largest machine capacity in the UK for curving Aluminium sections/extrusions.

We have the capacity and capability to bend/curve aluminium extrusions/sections of up to 400mm in sectional size on plan and 700mm sectional size on elevation.

ABS has 8 CNC & NC section bending machines.

We have a permanent and dedicated staff of 20 specialist bending technicians that operate on a 2 shift basis.  The workforce have gained many years in the aluminium bending industry, and it is this experience and expertise that is one of ABS’s strengths.

The in house tooling facility allows ABS to modify and produce bending tools quickly and economically.

Whilst the encapsulation method allows a wide range of sections and extrusions to be curved with out the cost of expensive tooling, as assiocated with other method of bending such as stretch bending.  This method also allows painted sections to be curved with out damaging the paint work.

All mill finish sections are finished, cleaned after bending to remove any marks assiocated with the bending process, and then allows the bends to have further surface treatments, such as powder coating and anodising, can be applied as the customer requires.

To ensure the customer’s material is curved as required, each length of section is booked in  on our computerised system with a unique reference number.  This reference ensures that each length of aluminium is traceable all the way through the bending and finishing process.

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