A porthole window is usually a circular window that can be manufactured to open or stay closed. They can be used on planes, ship sand houses, often when being manufactured for a house, a porthole window is used as a decorative piece to add contrasting elements to an otherwise boxy room.

Porthole windows are most commonly seen on a ship or plane and so they make. lovely addition to a home to offer a holiday vibe or even just to bring a connotation of joy.

Why do ships have porthole windows?

A ship will commonly have a number of porthole windows of all different sizes. A vessel will have round windows because there is often a lot of pressure on the hull of a ship and so, a round or circular window, due to its shape, it is very good at dispersing the force and prevents stress from concentrating on the corners of a regular window.

Why is it called a Porthole?

It has nothing to do with the location of the window on a ship because they are on both the port and starboard side of ships! Instead, they are called portholes after a french shipbuilder invented them in 1485. During the reign of Henry VII, he commissioned a french shipbuilder called James Baker to figure out a way to mount cannons to a ship. Baker called these portes which is a french word for door. This was later deconstructed and became a porthole.


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