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RAL colour charts for powder coating

Aluminium Bending Specialists can powder coat your windows and doors in any RAL colour you choose

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Having aluminium windows comes with a multitude of benefits. They offer a sleek style unparalleled by any other material, they’re more durable than other windows and with new technology, they are thermally efficient. But, you can also choose the colour of your windows to suit you and your home.

Using the RAL colour chart you’re able to decide what shade of which colour you’d like your windows to become before they’re installed into your home. This means that you can follow the crowd and choose Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016) to create an elegant accent colour, or you could choose Heather violet (RAL 4003) to stand out and create an eccentric look that will turn heads.

What is the RAL colour chart?

RAL is a German company that was originally set up in 1925. Their main goal was to make sure that the paint colours being produced were accurate and meet certain criteria. Due to this, the RAL colour chart became a part of best practices for defining colours of paints, coating and plastics.

After years of implementing the RAL colour chart, it is still in use today and you can find various RAL colour converters online. These will convert the colour to code and code to colours. Take a look at this Wiki page as an example. Here you should see all of the possible RAL colours that are available for your aluminium window powder coating.

Why use RAL colour charts and codes?

We use the RAL colour charts because they offer a reliable way to produce an accurate colour for your powder coating needs. It just means that there won’t be any confusion as to whether we have the right colour and so we can make sure that you’re happy with the powder coat.

Anthracite Grey

RAL 7016

Grey White

RAL 9002

Bottle Green

RAL 6007

Heather Violet

RAL 4003

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