When designing any new building, you want to use materials that are innovative and offer a high level of performance.

Some of the key considerations include flexibility, easy maintenance and affordable costing.

One such material you should consider for the job is aluminium, especially when creating structures such as windows and doors.

If you’re in need of some further persuasion, here are just some of the benefits of architectural aluminium to inspire you.


Aluminium can have an architectural powder coating applied which extends its lifespan. An added benefit is that this powder can be applied in any colour. So whether the building you are designing is a colourful art gallery or a sleek modern housing block, there is a wide range of colours to suit. With a lot of other materials, the colour they come in is the colour you get, plus not all materials are suitable for painting either. Even wood requires regular repainting, whereas a coat of architectural powder coating will last for up to 20 years.

Highly Malleable 

Aluminium can be bent into practically any shape including gothic arch windows or round windows without breaking, cracking or weakening. So, when it comes to your architectural project and your imagination, the sky’s the limit. You don’t have to scale back your ideas because the material isn’t compatible, which matters when you’re involved in an architectural project. Malleability also means the feature will have less joins as a result, making it more aesthetically pleasing.


When consulting with a structural engineer for your project, the weight of each element is going to impact the rest of the design. Extremely heavy items aren’t always a bad thing, but the reality is they aren’t exactly practical either. Heavy items may also require specialist equipment to lift into place, which isn’t going to be feasible across an entire build. Instead, what you need is a hybrid between strength and a lower weight, and this exactly what aluminium can offer you.

Sustainable Material

Every developer has a responsibility to think about sustainability, especially in terms of the materials they use to build properties with. Aluminium is fully recyclable in addition to having an incredibly long lifespan. Both of these factors will reduce the environmental impact, which will help you do your bit as a developer or designer of property. The avoidance of plastic will give your building serious kudos also.


Aluminium is made to create everything from drink’s cans to aeroplanes. The demands of either are quite different, proving aluminium is incredibly versatile. This already is an excellent feature where architecture is concerned, since the latest trends push the envelope for what’s possible, and the materials used need to keep up. Therefore, your designs won’t be left in the dark if you choose aluminium for your next architectural project.

Find Out More

It’s no coincidence that aluminium continues to be an incredibly popular material for architectural projects around the world. Here at ABS, we use aluminium to create our stunning range of windows and doors, which are available in various shapes and sizes to suit any project. With aluminium bending, curvatures and feature pieces can not only look amazing but can also become structural supports for a building.

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