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Aluminium circular fixed and round pivot windows.

Aluminium Bending Specialists Ltd now offers a bespoke range of Aluminium round fixed and pivot windows.

The circular aluminium windows are fabricated using thermally broken equal leg aluminium outer-frame.  The frames are fully welded and these circular windows are all bespoke made and can be painted to any standard RAL either single or dual colour.  As we powder coat all of our windows in house, we offer an average minimum powder thickness above 60 microns, which is more than double the industrial architectural powder coating standard.

The minimum diameter on a fixed circular aluminium window is 300mm and the recommended maximum diameter is 1800mm.

On a round pivot window, there is a minimum diameter of 600mm and a maximum diameter is 1500mm.  We can manufacture the round windows to any diameter within these specifications.

The round windows can also have transom placed in them to offer designs such as a crucifix. We also offer bespoke aluminium porthole windows and much more, so take a look around.

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