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Aluminium Windows

Made to measure aluminium windows across the UK for a seamless finish and stylish design

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Bespoke Aluminium Window

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We specialise in aluminium windows here at Aluminium Bending Specialists so, you can be sure that you’re getting the finest quality finish possible. Something that we pride ourselves in is our ability to produce a gorgeous aluminium window that lasts longer, looks better and creates a premium feel for any domestic or commercial project.

Our aluminium windows are made with the highest quality aluminium so that we can be sure that the products that create are second to one. Because of this, we’ve been able to achieve an ISO 9001 Certificate which means you’ll be happy with each and every window that we manufacture for you, regardless of the size and shape!

If you’re not sure about whether aluminium windows will suit your property, we’ve got a short guide to help you make that decision. Or, you could give us a call on 01623 721 172 and we’ll answer any questions you might have. We’re always happy to help you with anything we can, whether it’s free advice or a general query.

Choosing an aluminium window over a uPVC is one of the best choices we think you could make. This is due to the fact that an aluminium window is a lot stronger than its uPVC counterpart. That is ideal for security purposes as it will be a lot harder for someone to break or cut open the aluminium unnoticed. Similarly, you’ll see that an aluminium window often has a larger glass surface area. This means that you’ll have a better, unobstructed view of the outside world!

We offer our aluminium windows across Nottingham, Derby, London, Leicester and the rest of the UK! All you need to do is give us a call on 01623 721 172, or use our quote builder and we’ll help you in any way that we can.

Aluminium Windows

With each and every one of our aluminium windows, you can be sure that we’ll do everything that we can to make sure they’re of the highest quality. This means that they’ll be built to your exact specification, using precision manufacturing methods throughout the process.

Considering shape and sizing, we offer a range of different looks so there’s something for everyone. We understand not every building suits a certain type of window, that’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing a range of different aluminium window styles.

Round Aluminium Windows

We’ve always been proud of the fact that we’re one of the UK’s leading companies in aluminium bending. That’s why we’re able to create perfectly round aluminium windows for any domestic or commercial building.

With fixed round windows, we’re able to create anything with a minimum diameter of 300mm (30cm) and a maximum diameter of 1800mm (180cm). Whereas with a round pivot window we need to have a minimum diameter of 600mm (60cm) and a maximum of 1500mm (150cm).

Our Round windows

Arched Aluminium Windows

Arched windows are a favourite of ours. They let in additional light and really give the property some character. We often find that we’re creating arched windows for older building so that the style is fitting in with the rest of the building. However, we’re seeing more and more people and contractors choose arched windows on their new builds.

We can also create gothic arched windows for any property too. This is a lovely style that can be difficult to come by are find a replacement for.

Our Arched Windows


Our Gothic Arched Windows

Porthole Windows

We have a range of different porthole windows available across London and the rest of the UK. We’re proud to have designed porthole windows that open and have a seamless finish throughout.

Whether you’re in need of an aluminium porthole hole window that opens of one that doesn’t have that functionality, we’ll be able to create exactly what you need. Like the round windows, the smallest porthole we can create is 300mm (30cm) while the largest we can create is 1800mm (180cm) depending on the style that you choose.

Our porthole windows

Square Windows

A classic square window can offer a property a variety of benefits. Other than the obvious lighting and health benefits, a square aluminium window is perfect for both old and new properties.

Ranging in size, our selection of square windows provide a building with style, simplicity and practicality. With so many options available in terms of shaping, a traditional square window is perfect if you’re looking to re-vamp your current look or are in need of optimum durability.

Our square windows

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