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Window buying guide

Your guide to buying windows for a home, business or any commercial property

from the experts at Aluminium Bending Specialists.

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Specialists in aluminium windows and doors

Window Buying Guide

Whether you’re building a property from scratch or you’re refurbishing a worn-down office space, choosing the right windows for your home, workplace or commercial property is one of the most important facets.

When on the lookout for new or replacement windows or aluminium doors, you’ll come to realise that there is actually a broad range of styles and materials to choose from, each offering its own unique benefit and primary purpose. That’s where our window buying guide comes in.

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What our guide will cover

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about the window process, from initial planning to maintenance and repair.

  • Key points to consider
  • Window frame styles and materials
  • Why choose aluminium windows?
  • The difference between single and double-glazed windows
  • FAQS
  • ABS Aluminium Windows

Key points to consider

What you need to know before buying your new windows

>Before making any large purchase or investment, it’s vital to ask all the important questions and lay out your expectations. Thinking about these key points beforehand, will save time when talking to professionals and will also help you to cut back on unnecessary options and pinpoint the resources you need. Here are some key points to consider before buying your new windows.

  • The style of the window: There are a number of different window and door styles on the market, some of which are modern and some of which are traditional. This decision will depend on the type of property involved and the aesthetic you’re wanting to achieve.
  • Weighing up different materials and comparing their pros and cons in line with your objectives.
  • Choosing a colour scheme
  • Security of the windows: Depending on the type of property and purpose, you might require a higher level of security and have specific ideas in mind that you’d like to install in the frame or space, e.g. window locks and technology.
  • Maintenance requirements.
  • Check any obligations on your property.
  • Research into energy-saving costs and efficiency. Some window frame materials are more energy efficient than others.
  • Planning your guarantee and any other extras.

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What window style should you choose?

The different window styles

Windows are designed and fabricated in a number of different styles, shapes and sizes and provide unique looks to various property types and commercial settings. Whether you’re looking for a simple, square frame or want to add an original touch with a gothic arched window or bay window, the styles available ensure you can make a space your own.

Curved and arched windows

This style of window is simplistic yet has a little edge. Arched window frames can offer a home, office or commercial residence a more classic aesthetic with free reign when it comes to bending and shaping the arch itself. Arched windows are also a great way to preserve a traditional vibe whilst upgrading the quality and finish with the special edition that today’s market has to offer.


Arched Windows

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Round windows

Round windows are unique, stylish and help a space to break away from the traditional square frame finish. To help a building to stand out, customers who want a sense of creativity can use round windows to make a space their own. Round windows also typically come with the option of being opened or closed and are adaptable in terms of how they’re opened which takes u onto the next window style, porthole windows.


Round Windows


Porthole windows can be manufactured to stay shut or open on a fixed pivot, with a range of customised sizes and colours to add to that unique flair. Often used in bots and barges, porthole windows are also installed in homes and can often be found in new builds or older properties. This window frame is ideal for spaces such as bathrooms, hallways and corridors and can be used as a way to let more light and space into an area.


Porthole Windows

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Gothic arch windows

Creating a bespoke, traditional look, gothic arch windows can be found on a number of property types including homes, schools, places of worship, museums and so on. Recognised for their unique shape, gothic windows are a great way to add something a little different or keep a classic theme running throughout a property. This window style is easily adaptable and offers opportunities for different shapes and sizes to be considered so is ideal for commercial residents.


Our Gothic Arch Windows

Bay Windows

Creating bespoke windows suited to fit your space. Our bay windows are made of aluminium which means that they’re strong and can often withstand more pressure compared to your standard windows.

Choose from a number of different types of bay windows including splay bay, square bay, single-end bay or a curved bow window configurations. We’re also able to take your ideas turn them into designs and manufacture the finished product ready to be installed.

Bay Window Frames

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Square windows

The most simple window style. Square windows are classic, simplistic and extremely popular worldwide. Suitable for pretty much every property type and industry, square windows are a great way to upgrade your space but keep things minimal. As they’re quite straightforward in terms of manufacturing and instalment, this also means they can be accessorised easily in terms of colours, materials and safety enhancements.

Types of window material

Wooden windows

Offering a more traditional look, wooden windows typically offer lower thermal conductivity and prove to be high-performing in terms of energy efficiency. Made from softwood and hardwood, modern wooden window frames are engineered to be durable and treated to resist rotting and fungus growth. As these frames are made from natural resources, this means they require more maintenance compared to other materials.

uPVC Windows

This material is ideal for window frames as it offers long-lasting results with low maintenance. uPVC windows are typically a cheaper option, but also lack a sense of originality and a unique touch. Available in a range of colours, this window material is energy efficient, high performing and comes with high-quality double glazing.

Aluminium windows

Aluminium windows are up there in terms of quality and durability. This material provides long-lasting, low-maintenance results, featuring a thermal barrier which reduces heat loss. Aluminium also provides waterproof elements, corrosion resistance, insulation properties and a stylish finish. Customers decorate and finish their aluminium windows in a range of colours and special additions such as modern powder coating.

Explore our range of aluminium window frames

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Why choose aluminium windows?

Aluminium windows have been around for years and come with a range of benefits in terms of function, aesthetics, maintenance and energy efficiency. These windows are the ideal frame choice for homes, commercial buildings and residential space. Here are just a few benefits of aluminium windows:

Single vs double glazed windows

The difference between single and double-glazed windows

Double-glazed windows are typically found in most modern properties and homes, but single-glazed window frames can still be installed in homes and commercial buildings. In this section, we’re going to be outlining the key differences between a single-glazed window and a double-glazed window, the advantages of each and where they might be used. Aside from the main difference which is the number of glass panes, there are actually a number of differences between single and double-glazed windows including insulation, energy efficiency, security and condensation.

What is a single-glazed window?

As the name suggests, a single-glazed window is made from one singular pane of glass and is typically between the range of 3mm to 10mm in regard to thickness. These glass types can be found in older buildings which haven’t gone under refurbishment or outdoor buildings such as sheds and summer houses.

What is double glazing?

Double-glazed windows on the other hand are made up of two glass panes and are separated by a gap which is typically between 12mm and 16mm. In more modern double-glazed panels, the gap is typically around 20mm. The main component of double-glazed windows is the sealed unit which sits in the frame. This sealed unit is also filled with argon gas which is recognised as being denser than standard air.

Find out more about how double glazing works here.

FAQs for buying new windows

How do you know if your windows need replacing?

How much do new windows cost?

How long do aluminium windows last?

Which window material should you choose?

Do you also supply aluminium doors?

How to clean aluminium windows

What is thermal break in aluminium windows?

Aluminium Windows by ABS

Give your home or business a contemporary feel with our aluminium window frames. Available in a range of window styles including square, round, curved, porthole and gothic arch windows, we fabricated aluminium windows for both domestic and commercial properties.

We offer our aluminium windows across Nottingham, Derby, London, Leicester and the rest of the UK! All you need to do is give us a call at 01623 721 172, or use our quote builder and we’ll help you in any way that we can.

Aluminium doors

Want to complete the look? ABS also fabricate high quality, modern aluminium door frames, offering your commercial space a safe, sustainable solution that will last years to come and looks good. Find out more about our aluminium doors service here.

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