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Porthole Windows

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Porthole windows can add a unique touch to your property, whether in the home or on a larger, commercial build

Aluminium Porthole Window Manufacturers

Your new porthole window, manufactured in the UK for precision and quality. Here at Aluminium Bending Specialists Ltd, we craft all of our porthole windows in the UK and offer a bespoke range, designed to meet your specific requirements. Every porthole window frame is made using a thermally broken equal leg aluminium outer-frame which provides added insulation and prevents energy loss.

All of our aluminium porthole windows are powder coated in-house with an average minimum powder thickness 60 microns. This is over double the industry standard! We ensure your windows have a richer, longer-lasting finish that won’t fade over time.

The porthole window (round window) frame can be designed to meet your exacting requirements. All frames can be painted in any Standard RAL dual or single colour to complement your overall scheme.

We’re able to create exterior porthole windows that open or are permanently closed which means that our portholes are suitable for any project.

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Porthole windows for homes across the UK

We’re proud to say that we’ve been working with people just like you for years now to design and create the perfect porthole windows for your home. It’s hard to come by someone who makes porthole windows for a house and so we wanted to help those that need our help.

Our porthole window frames for your house can be manufactured to stay shut or open on a fixed pivot. With custom sizes available and a huge range of colours to choose from, aluminium porthole windows will suit any style in any home.

Small Porthole Windows

Here at Aluminium Bending Specialists, we are the UK’s leading aluminium bending company. With that in mind, you can trust us to create a seamless porthole window for your project. We can produce porthole windows of many different sizes which means that we can work around your needs and requirements.

Each one of our windows is made to measure so that you can be sure that it will fit perfectly. We make sure to use the latest in industry technology so that we can deliver the best products possible.

The smallest porthole window that we can create has a diameter of 400mm (40 cm). This is because we use aluminium bending technology to calculate the maximum amount of stain that the porthole can withstand so that our products are structurally sound.

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Large Porthole Windows

We take price in the fact that we create the best porthole windows possible, staying up to date with the latest in aluminium bending for a porthole window is exactly what we do.

The largest one of our aluminium porthole windows can be is 1800mm (180cm). This is due to the fact that we make sure that the porthole windows that we create are strong and able to last as long as you need them to. With each and every one of our porthole windows, we can powder coat them so that they last longer than ever and look amazing. All you need to do is choose a RAL colour and we’ll make it happen.

We’ve even put together an article about what a porthole window is.

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What is a porthole window?

A porthole window is usually a circular window that can be manufactured to open or stay closed. They can be used on planes, ships and houses. Often when being manufactured for a house, a porthole window is used as a decorative piece to add contrasting elements to an otherwise boxy room.

Materials including stainless steel, iron and aluminium are typically used to create porthole window frames. The glass used for making portholes is mandatorily made of sand, and the process is called sand-casting.

To find out more about porthole windows including the historical name, have a read through our blog here.

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Bespoke frames for a selection on window types and properties

Porthole window frames manufactured by ABS

If you’re looking for a porthole window frame from a house, office, commercial building or even a boat. Reach out to our expert team and find out how we can help you.

Our selection of porthole windows are manufactured and designed to bring character to any space, adding a unique touch and adaptable function. Whether you’re looking for a frame that opens or one that stays closed we’re able to fabricate frames to your specification so that it’s perfect for your space.


To enquire about a porthole window, call our team on 01623 721 172 or use our quote builder to find out more!

Get in touch with our friendly staff on 01623 721 172 and we’ll help you in any way that we can or opt for a no-obligation quote!

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