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How aluminium windows can reduce your average energy usage?

Annie Everill

Annie Everill

Discover how aluminium windows can help you save money on your energy bills in this article, which looks at their benefits and whether they’re worth it.

With energy bills on the rise and more pressure than ever before to find energy-efficient ways of living, one area you might not have considered is the type of windows your home has. There are lots of different types of windows to choose from, but aluminium windows might hold the key to reducing your average energy usage and consumption.

Windows are both integral to the home for letting light in and problematic as they pose the risk of letting heat out. This means that, depending on the windows you have, you’ll be spending more money heating your home as the generated heat escapes from certain windows much more readily than others.

Of all the window frame options out there, aluminium windows offer the best blend of practical benefits to ensure they work in your favour and keep your energy usage down. In this article, we’re going to take a look at how aluminium windows can reduce your average energy usage.

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How do aluminium windows help reduce your energy usage?

Aluminium windows are an excellent choice if you’re looking to lower your energy usage, obtain a better EPC rating and save on energy bills. Due to the unique features and build quality found in these windows, they outcompete most other types of windows in terms of energy efficiency. Below are a few of the ways that aluminium windows can help reduce your energy usage.

Exceptional insulation

Modern aluminium windows are designed with Polyamide thermal break technology, which basically means they are much better suited to keeping warm air inside and not letting cold air from the outside in. What this means is that over an extended period of time, you’ll be using your central heating much less because of the fantastic insulation provided by aluminium windows. This, in turn, means you’ll be saving a good chunk of energy and money because you won’t have to heat your home as often or for as long.

It lets in more light

Although less financial stress, lighting energy costs are also significantly lower when you use aluminium windows that are slimline in design. These aluminium windows provide a much greater surface area for the glass pane, which means more natural light enters the home and naturally illuminates the room. So you won’t be turning on the lights as quickly due to the additional lighting provided.

Corrosion-resistant materials

Aluminium windows are also a great choice for their durability and ability to resist corrosion over time. Aluminium has a protective coating of aluminium oxide which is a corrosion-resistant layer, which increases the lifespan of these windows. You’re much less likely to deal with gaps in the seal where heat can escape, so you won’t have to keep adjusting internal temperatures in the home. This helps keep energy bills down and lowers any associated costs with maintenance, too.

Compatible with external blinds

Another way that aluminium windows help lower your energy usage is by working well with external blinds. External blinds, sometimes known as roller shutters, are designed to help lower energy bills by anywhere up to 30%, as they create an extra layer of insulation to stop heat from escaping during colder months. They also do a fantastic job of keeping homes cooler during the summer months, as it stops sunlight and heat from entering the building through windows.

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So, are aluminium windows worth it for energy saving?

If you’re in a position to upgrade your windows to aluminium ones, it’s well worth it for the cost savings on energy bills alone. They help keep heat in while ensuring that colder air stays outside. What’s more, they’re compatible with other window accessories like external blinds to ensure that your property is as insulated as possible.

Other ways to keep your energy usage low

Getting the right windows for your home is just one of the many ways that you can keep your energy usage low and save some money on your bills. Solutions such as those offered by Switch Plan help you find the most affordable and cost-effective energy suppliers, ensuring that you’re not overpaying for your average energy usage.

To learn more about the green energy suppliers available to you, reach out to the Switch Plan team today on 0330 054 0017.

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