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The different types of window locks

Annie Everill

Annie Everill

Window locks primary purpose is to secure your home or property and keep yourself, your belongings and, your family safe from intruders and outside danger. While all windows come with some form of lock, there are many different types that you might prefer on either a safety or aesthetics stance. These locks will also depend on the style of windows you own, the property type and building regulations. 

Here is a deeper look into the different types of window locks and why each one provides its own benefits.

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Folding Lock

Folding locks are typically found embedded in casement window frames. When facing down, these locks keep the sashes locked, and when turned up, the lock is discharged. 

A window latch 

A window latch is a common lock found on double and single-hung window frames. This simple option connects the two sashes of the window and prevents either from moving or opening. While window latches do hold the sashes in place they are also not as robust as other locks and should not be the only lock on your windows at home, in an office or any other commercial building.

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Window Wedge

Window wedges are available in a variety of different structures. Some slide up and down, whilst some are attached to the window with velcro with adjustable features. This lock type is put into place to stop the window from opening more than needed or wanted. If the window wedge needs to be opened more, the homeowner can adjust from the inside, making this a good option for warm weather or ventilation. 

Key Locks

As the name suggests, keyed locks require a key to open and close the window and provide a high amount of security. Offering a more robust construction compared to latch locks, they are typically found on the side of the window alongside a latch lock and work on single, double-hung and sliding windows or doors

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Sliding Window Lock

Sliding window locks are moveable pins that tighten into the sliding window track to prevent the window from opening more than preferred. Popular due to their low cost, DIY locks are easy to use and can even be moved from one window frame to another.

Things to consider when choosing a window lock

  • What style is compatible with your windows?
  • How much security do you want and need?
  • Do you need easy access?
  • Do you want the locks to be flexible or fixed?
  • Are there any regulations around your commercial property?
  • Consider child safety
  • Checking the lock grade

Window lock grades

The highest-ranking locks are Grade 1 which are considered highly secure and safe to use within homes, businesses and commercial spaces. Grade 2 locks are intermediate-level locks, whilst Grade 3 are the most basic with less secure results but can still offer a good option for those with less worry of intruders. 

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Keep safe with aluminium windows

Are you ready for a new set of windows or want to improve your at-home security?

Boasting excellent performance, not to mention improved aesthetics for your home or commercial building, we can custom make your aluminium windows in a range of shapes, sizes and colours.

ABS is based in Nottinghamshire, and we operate across the UK and Ireland in aluminium window manufacturing.

Please get in touch either by dropping us an email or giving us a call on 01623 721 172 for further help or information.

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