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Ways To Increase Your Homes Value



At the time of writing, the UK average house price stands at £296,000, which is up a staggering £36,000 since the same time last year. 

Regardless of whether you are planning to sell your home now or anytime in the future, maximising its value is in the interest of every homeowner or property manager. Before boosting the value of your house, it’s also important to understand how it is determined in the first place. Likewise, for investment buyers, knowing how to boost the value of a property portfolio will guarantee both a higher rental yield and sale price. 

Interested in ways to increase the value of your home? Look no further, as here are our top tips including how we can help you here at ABS

Simple ways to improve home value

  • Tidy the front garden
  • Repaint the external walls
  • Refresh the interiors with a neutral colour scheme
  • Upgrade your windows
  • Add a new front door
  • Declutter the home
  • Replace carpets
  • Apply for planning permission 

How to add value to your home

Extend Your Living Spaces

Ways To Increase Your Homes Value

Adding extra bedrooms, and bathrooms or extending kitchen and living spaces is one of the best ways to add value to your home, add more light and maximise available space.

There are plenty of options when it comes to extensions, including single-storey and double-storey extensions, in addition to extending into the loft space. 

As a general guide, adding an extra bedroom can add as much as 15% to the value of a property. Though, keep in mind that double bedrooms will add more value compared with box rooms or oddly shaped rooms. Though, you could also use the process of extending to fix any such existing issues with the layout of the property too. 

Modernise The Decor

luxury living room in house 2022 12 07 04 24 18 utc - Aluminium Bending Specialists

The likes of textured ceilings or avocado bath suites may have seemed fresh in the 1970s, but now such dated features are anything but. In addition, colour schemes and even wallpaper patterns come and go. 

In essence, if the property hasn’t had a full scheme of renovation in the last decade, then it will likely need some work.

When a home is freshly renovated and decorated, its value will be instantly boosted. That’s because when buyers walk in, they aren’t seeing a ‘project’ but a place they can immediately move into. In most cases, updating the look of the home in terms of its interior design will be reflected generously within the house valuation. 

Upgrade to aluminium windows

aluminium windows uk abs

Did you know that windows make up 25% of the average wall space? 

Windows don’t just have a huge impact on the aesthetics of the home, but also on its energy efficiency. The condition of the windows will also determine how much external noise pollution gets into the home, your EPC rating and can even impact the level of condensation, dampness and mould in the home. All of this is before we even mention the aspect of security!

Upgrading old windows is therefore a necessity. Value-wise, new windows can add as much as 10% to the value of your property. That’s because new owners won’t have to do the work themselves.

Also, if the new owners intend on renting the property out, then inefficient windows may not meet EPC energy-efficient ratings for landlords. So either way, new windows are the way to go. 

While there are lots of window types to choose from, aluminium windows offer a superior look compared with uPVC. With architectural powder coating, aluminium windows can last around 40 years which is excellent going compared with other material types.

Thinking about replacing your old window frames? Have a look through our buyers guide to help you get started.

Boost The Value Of Your Property With Aluminium Windows & Doors From ABS

Are you interested in boosting the value of your property? ABS manufactures and installs aluminium windows and doors across the UK. 

We custom make our aluminium windows and doors, meaning all shapes and sizes are possible depending on the design of your home or commercial building. Whether you’re looking for an arched door or a classic square window frame, we’ve got a range of options available.

Your new aluminium windows and doors are only a few clicks away! To get the ball rolling on your project, please fill in our quote builder.

Alternatively, give us a call on 01623 721 172 for further help or information. 

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