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How to avoid and remove mould from your windows

Annie Everill

Annie Everill

Many homes, commercial properties and outbuildings (particularly older properties), are prone to getting mould around windows due to high levels of moisture and access water. This can cause damage to both the window frames themselves and occupants, especially if it is present in a home or workplace in which people are spending hours of their day.

Whether you’ve noticed mould in your warehouse, school or home, here are some simple tips to avoid mould from growing on windows and how to remove it if it does appear.

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Why does mould grow around windows?

Mould is a fungus which can grow on almost any surface where moisture is present. The biggest cause of mould around windows is condensation, something which can be unavoidable but should be maintained.

The warm air inside the property hits the window glass where it is rapidly cooled by the outside air producing condensation. Window mould may also grow due to:

  • Wet and humid weather conditions
  • Leaking pipes
  • Steam caused by a hot water source
  • Insufficient heating and ventilation
  • Smoking
  • Open fires and wood burners

How to avoid mould on your window frames

Here are some easy yet effective ways in which you can reduce mould and protect your window frames.

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Ventilation through opening windows

Mould flourishes in damp areas such as windows, where there is dust and dirt present. Ventilating your space and opening windows regularly allows the mould spores to escape and the moisture to dry out. Keeping your windows open is generally good anyway, allowing for natural ventilation and clean, high-quality air.

Double-glaze windows

To prevent window condensation from forming, window insulation is key. Double-glazed windows are an effective way to prevent glass from becoming too cold, keeping you warm and not allowing mould to grow.

Find out more about double-glazed windows here.

Install an exhaust fan

Ventilation is key when it comes to preventing mould in a property, as it prevents moisture from settling and spreading. In bathrooms specifically, it is always a good idea to have an exhaust fan installed to get rid of that extra moisture that is caused by hot water and steam. Commercial spaces such as construction plants and factories can also benefit from fans due to the high amount of heat produced from machinery and chemicals.

Keep on top of maintenance

Keeping on top of basic cleaning means that windows are consistently wiped down and any mould or potential mould is removed. This also removes all the added dirt and grime which adds up over time. Similarly, for commercial spaces, regular building maintenance will ensure the space has effective ventilation and structural features in place as well as keeping on top of any health and safety regulations.

How to remove mould from your windows

Before the mould can grow, you should always aim to avoid it so the removal process doesn’t need to take place, however, in some circumstances, mould can grow at a rapid pace and in large properties, can be difficult to keep on top of.

One of the easiest ways to kill mould yourself is by using white vinegar which can be used on porous and non-porous surfaces, such as glass, tiles and other smooth surfaces. There are also a wide range of mould-specific products available, many of which require you to spray onto the surface, leave for a certain amount of time and then simply wipe and rinse.

How To Repair Damaged Windows

Replacing your windows with aluminium window frames

Aluminium windows are an energy-efficient, sleek alternative to window frames, providing homes and commercial spaces with an array of shapes and sizes when it comes to exterior and interior design. Here at ABS, we are experts in a variety of different window types including classic squares, round windows, gothic arch and porthole.

We supply the highest quality frames in the market, with a range of aluminium doors to match.

To enquire about our services, get in touch on 01623 721 172 or use our free quote builder here.

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