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Aluminium Window Condensation: How To Stop And Prevent It



Having condensation form on your windows is an unsightly problem to deal with, regardless of the types of windows you may have. Finding a solution is important not just for the aesthetic appeal of your interiors but also to avoid further problems such as dampness and mould.

It is uncommon to experience condensation on aluminium windows, especially those which have been newly installed by a trusted company. 

But for aluminium windows not installed by us here at ABS, or any other types of windows (such as wooden windows or uPVC windows), here is a guide to window condensation, along with the steps you can take to fix the problem.

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Identify The Position Of Window Condensation

Condensation happens when excess moisture in the air is drawn towards cold surfaces, forming a panel of moisture on that surface. However, not all condensation is created equal. 

Therefore, you must identify where the condensation is forming by inspecting the inside and outside of your windows, including the window glass and frames to be able to select the appropriate fix.

Condensation On The Aluminium Window Frame 

Condensation on the window frame rather than the glass is a problem that’s usually limited to steel or aluminium window frames. The presence of condensation of window frames could indicate that the windows have been poorly fitted, or that there is a failure within the window frame itself. 

Alternatively, if there is excess moisture in the air that is also appearing on the interior glass, the moisture may also be attracted to the cold surface of the window frame, especially if it is made from metal.

For condensation strictly limited to the window frame, it’s worth consulting the window manufacturer, as if the windows are still under warranty, then a free replacement will usually be provided. In the case of older aluminium windows (i.e. over 30 years), replacement windows may also be in order to solve the problem, especially if the room in question does not have excess humidity and also has good ventilation. 

Condensation On The Windows (Indoors)

Excess moisture is usually the culprit of window condensation. In the UK especially, cold weather combined with activities including drying clothes indoors, bathing/showering and cooking can all generate humidity in the air. Unless your home has extractor fans and good ventilation, all of this excess moisture will remain in the air and form condensation on the windows. You may also notice additional problems such as dampness and mould in the home too.

Poorly fitted windows, old windows or single-pane windows may also be contributing to the problem. Therefore, the best solution is to upgrade your windows and home ventilation systems. 

If you do opt for new windows, be sure that they include small openings so that your windows can be opened to let fresh air in. As an example, condensation can also be generated just by breathing, which is why leaving a small window open in the room that you sleep in can really help to reduce any condensation issues when all other steps to reduce moisture in the home have been taken. 

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Condensation In Between Window Panes

If there’s one place condensation definitely shouldn’t appear, it’s within the individual panes of glass of your windows. So for double glazed windows, this will be in between the two panes of glass, and for triple glazed windows, the condensation could be in between each of the two main segments formed by the three panes of glass. 

The reason for condensation appearing inside of your windows is down to a seal failure. When your windows are installed, they will have a seal that keeps the argon gas of your windows contained within the window panes, creating a thermal break in the process – all of which keeps your home warmer and more energy efficient in the process. 

Due to poorly installed windows, or even your windows disintegrating over time, they may develop seal failure, which changes the effectiveness of the windows, allowing moisture to get in between the panes. 

The good news is that to fix condensation inside of window panes, usually, only the window glass itself needs to be replaced. Although if the window frames are in a poor condition, you may wish to take the opportunity to replace the entire window. For example, to upgrade the windows from uPVC to aluminium. 

Condensation On The Outside Of Windows

If condensation appears on the outside of your windows, this is actually a good sign, as it means the indoor temperature is warmer than the outside – aka your windows are doing their job!

Seeing moisture droplets form on newly installed windows is therefore very common, and although it may initially be a cause for concern, it is the complete opposite. 

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Aluminium Window Installers UK – ABS

Are you in search of new windows to fix windows that are condensating? Or perhaps you need further advice on anything we’ve mentioned above? 

ABS manufactures and installs aluminium windows such as commercial windows and round windows. We’re based in the East Midlands, installing across the UK and Ireland. 

Please get in touch either by dropping us an email or giving us a call on 01623 721 172, and our team will get back to you. 

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