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Types of arched windows



There are 3 main types of arched windows;

Not all windows are created equal. When it comes to choosing a window design for your home or office, arched windows are sure to make a statement. With a nod to the past, they can create a striking design feature that’s full of character and aesthetic charm. Arched windows come in a wide range of styles and designs, suitable for both period properties and modern buildings.

Here at ABS, creating arched windows is what we do. If you are considering adding arched windows to your property or if it’s time to replace your current ones, here are some ideas to inspire you.

Gothic arched windows

Small Gothic Arched Windows by ABS Ltd

Upon first glance, gothic arched windows are reminiscent of medieval times. However, the shape of this window style is equally popular in modern architecture as it is in period properties. As one of our signature window styles, we create our gothic arch windows by welding them to provide a superior finish. This method also leaves no visible joints, to fit your exact specifications.

Gothic arched windows can be made in any size or shape. The flexibility of the style means your window can be comprised of a single or several panes of glass, similar to our above example. Traditional gothic windows (such as those used in churches) may feature intricate circular designs within the upper portion of the window. As gothic windows have a rich history in architecture, they make for an incredibly interesting feature to add to your building.

Fixed arched windows

saltley greenhouseetc 023 - Aluminium Bending Specialists

Fixed arch windows have a similar aesthetic to gothic arch windows. The main difference is that the top of the window is curved as opposed to pointed. When displayed in succession as in the above example, they can give a very classic and open feel to a building.

The window is a tale of two halves. Starting with the top, the glass is made from much smaller pieces of different sizes. In some cases, this can even be made from stained glass. The lower half of the window is reinforced with frames and the panes are equal in size and square shaped.

It’s also possible to find fixed arched windows that are comprised of a single sheet of glass. While this style does create a stunning viewpoint, it is not as structurally comprehensive as the above example, whereby the frame is more supportive.

Arched windows with openings

Artboard 1 - Aluminium Bending Specialists

Arched windows are flexible in design and style, and can be made from either aluminium or uPVC. While traditionally they don’t have any openings, it’s actually possible to create arched windows that do open. This style would be ideal for residential homes or even office spaces that require the use of an open window for health and safety reasons.

Blending practicality with style, arched windows with openings typically have a solid pane of glass at the top where the curved portion of the window is, and an opening in the lower rectangle section of the window. If you currently have an older arched window comprised of single-glazing, replacing it with this style would help reduce energy bills.

Similar to our other windows, arched windows with openings come in a range of frame materials and colours. If your home has a particular colour scheme, or even if you want the windows to fit your company branding we can create a custom solution to suit.

Find out more

Would you like to find out more about arched windows? If you are considering adding arched windows to your home or business then you’re in the right place. Perhaps you are considering gothic arched windows for your period property or fixed arch windows for your office building? With so many flexible styles to choose from, the choice is yours.

We know you’re bound to have lots of questions, and we’re here to help! To find out more about arched windows, give our friendly team a call on 01623 721 172.

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