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Types of door locks

Annie Everill

Annie Everill

Choosing the type of door you want for your home, workplace or commercial property comes with a wide selection of different styles and additional features. One of which is the type of locks you opt for. Apart from the standard key lock, there are a range of different lock types to choose from, each one offering different advantages and functions. For example, the door lock used for a home’s back door will operate quite differently compared to one found in a warehouse facility. This guide will cover the different types of door locks, their benefits and also the different features you should consider when finding the perfect lock for your property.

Thinking of installing a new door? Have a read-through our door buying guide to discover the different styles and solutions.

Features to consider when choosing a door lock

  • Which one fits and works with your door frame
  • Accessibility and restrictions
  • Level of security
  • Additional technology and software e.g. alarms and cameras
  • Durability
  • Sizing and shape
  • Automation
  • Which one is suited to your user and environment

We also have a guide to window locks in case you are looking to upgrade those systems also.

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Different types of door locks

Mortice locks

A mortice lock consists of a lock body that is installed into a pocket or mortice, cut into the edge of the door and is typically found in commercial and residential spaces. The lock mechanism operates with a key and typically includes a latch bolt and a deadbolt.

Mortice locks are known for their durability and strength, making them popular choices for securing exterior doors. They come in various designs and security levels, ranging from basic models to high-security versions.

Multipoint door lock

Multipoint locking systems are ideal if you’re looking to add an extra layer of protection to your exterior doors. Multipoint locking systems have multiple locking points along the length of the lock that will lock into the door frame when shut. These systems will have a minimum of 3 locking points and sometimes up to 7, offering optimum security. This type of lock is typically found within industrial environments and anywhere that requires a high sense of safety and restriction.

Rim automatic deadlatch

Rim locks are commonly referred to as ‘Yale locks’ or ‘night latches’, commonly found on front doors in residential and commercial properties. For security purposes, when the door is closed, the night latch automatically latches the door shut. However, you can also keep the door on the latch which stops the automatic locking system from occurring.

The rim automatic deadlatch is one of the simplest locks to use as they come with an automatic shutting process. They can also be locked and unlocked from both sides with a key.

Electric and smart locks

Used for both interior and exterior doors, electrical locks typically come with a digital system that requires a passcode, ID print or scanner. Ideal for workspaces, these doors ensure that only people with the right details can access the rooms, providing a high sense of security at the entrance and throughout a building.

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Euro cylinder lock

A euro cylinder lock is fitted with multi-point locking systems and is also fitted to some mortice deadlocks and sash locks on timber or Aluminium doors. These systems are easy to operate, easily changed to upgrade to a higher standard of security and can be keyed alike or master keyed so fewer keys are required.

Aluminium doors fabricated by ABS

ABS manufacture a wide selection of different aluminium doors, ranging from arch doors to french doors and back door frames. We use the highest quality aluminium on the market, creating doors which complement a wide range of different property types and industries.

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