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Why do I need architectural powder coating for my aluminium windows?



Aluminium windows make a stunning addition to any building and can create a real focal point, especially when used in residential properties or offices. While they have an incredible design aesthetic, aluminium windows require maintenance to prolong their lifespan and to ensure they are kept in their best condition.

One such technique is the application of architectural powder coating, which is a service we offer to our clients here at ABS.

If you’re unfamiliar with this process, here’s everything you need to know.

An overview

Aluminium is stylish and lightweight but is a material that is prone to damage from the elements unless it is protected with a coating. For example, if you live close to a coastal area where there is a lot of salt in the air, this could corrode your windows. Similarly, pollution from city environments or even UV damage from the sun can negatively affect aluminium.

A solution is to give your windows a powder coating, allowing you to keep the benefits of aluminium windows while protecting them from damage.

Although it may sound like a complicated process, architectural powder coating is straightforward, especially when delivered by expertise like what we provide here at ABS, with over 25 years of experience providing quality solutions for our clients.

How it works

Architectural powder coating is applied to your aluminium windows as a free-flowing dry powder. First, windows need to be pre-treated to remove any debris sitting on the surface that would otherwise affect the outcome of the powder coating. Once this has been done and the dry powder has been applied, it is then cured under heat where it will eventually set to form a hard finish that’s tougher than conventional paint.

The type of powder coating used will depend on the size and the material of the product. We use a variety of chemical and mechanical methods, allowing us to select the best technique to ensure the best outcome for your windows.

Powder coating will help protect against scratches, discolouration and general weathering. As a result, powder-coated aluminium windows tend to last much longer than other window types.

In the long run, powder-coated aluminium windows offer excellent value for money when they are well maintained. This is because, unlike UPVC or wooden windows, they will need to be replaced less often. So long as the coating is intact, your windows will continue to be protected.

Other benefits

An extended lifespan is undoubtedly the top benefit of having your windows powder coated. However, the fact that powder coatings also deliver a range of colours (including dual colours if required!) makes it a very popular option for boosting the appearance of a building. For example, you could have your windows powder coated in your company colours which is something that would be difficult to achieve with other window types such as wood or UPVC.

In fact, powder coatings are available in a wide range of colours, thicknesses and finishes. You can even choose between a textured style and a gloss. Plus, unlike regular paint, powder coating is made from a solid material allowing us to achieve even coverage, with fewer passes of a spray gun than layers of paint required. This also means less turnaround time, as there’s no need to wait hours between each coat like traditional paint.

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