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Garden design trends 2023

Annie Everill

Annie Everill

Garden design and landscaping have always been a huge part of homeownership, with people around the world taking pride in their flowerbeds, outdoor furniture and pristine patio. With people spending more time at home and the summers getting hotter by the year, garden trends are a constant stream of innovation, aesthetics, security and sustainability. As of 2023, garden design trends are focused on creating an environmentally friendly space for both people and nature whilst also using modern pieces for aesthetic purposes.

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Sustainable garden design

Using sustainable and eco-friendly solutions has always been a part of gardening and as a whole, is a good illustration of appreciating nature. Many gardeners and homeowners are now opting for recycling materials plus solar/renewable energy for their outdoor accessories such as lights, heaters and water features in order to fully embrace the outdoors and all the natural benefits it has to offer. Sustainable gardening also refers to the reduction of chemicals used within plant feed, sprays, food and fertiliser. Although these resources have short-term benefits, many people are now divulging deeper into what’s actually included in gardening liquids and how they can minimise the impact on nature and surroundings.

“In the current environmental and economic climate, many people have started implementing more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in their gardens, with rainwater collection systems and gardens being a current favourite.

Collecting rainwater isn’t only sustainable but also an excellent self-sufficient way to water plants while reducing a household’s water bills. Besides providing environmental benefits, having a rainwater harvesting tank or a rain garden also reduces the chances of a garden becoming overly damp, which often happens if there isn’t sufficient drainage.”

Petar Ivanov, Gardening and plant expert, Fantastic gardeners

Wellbeing sanctuary

The emphasis on mindfulness and well-being has grown over the past couple of years, with homeowners, employers and landscapers using the beauty of the outdoors for a space of calm, and tranquillity. Outdoor sanctuaries can create such feelings by introducing water, serene, soothing colour palettes and small, enclosed areas that offer privacy for people to relax or think. These sanctuaries are being decorated with the use of natural materials such as stones and wood and will include a seating area, wall or cover, art and water features.

Grow your own

Similar to the sustainable element of gardening, growing your own crops is now a huge hit. As a result of the cost of living crisis but also people having more free time at home, many homeowners have taken on the responsibility of growing their own fruits and vegetables. Popular items to grow at home might include strawberries, carrots, potatoes or fruit trees such as apples. Many people find tasks like this therapeutic, with homeowners taking advantage of the past lockdowns to invest in new hobbies and appreciate their surroundings more.

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Outdoor art

Choosing artwork for a garden can bring a sense of personality, colour, definition and mood and is the perfect way to enhance other garden features. In 2023, one of the most popular forms of outdoor art is sculpture which creates an eye-catching, unique touch to any garden. These sculptures can also be lit, making a statement in the evening time and creating a peaceful atmosphere. Other pieces of outdoor art might include classic drawings, wire and woodwork, metallic plates, tiles and surface patterning.

If you’re looking to improve your garden this summer, have a read through our blog on garden improvements for the summer!

Patterned tiles

Used for a patio or wall, patterned tiles are the ideal way to bring colour or print to an outdoor space. Patterned tiles in exterior spaces are trending in 2023 and whether you go big or small, symmetrical designs are especially attractive during the spring and summertime. Using distinctive tiles adds a strong design element, especially when combined with fierce shapes and materials.


Inspired by European summers and luxury hotels, the minimalist look is a big one in 2023. Combining all the trends above, many homeowners are taking a simplistic approach to their garden design, using calming colour tones, natural materials and high-quality finishings. Some of the most popular features include large white tiles, wicker furniture, pool areas, boxwood hedges, traditional flowers such as roses and ceramic pottery.

garden furniture - Aluminium Bending Specialists

Aluminium Windows by ABS

Are you planning to make any major improvements to your garden this summer? If you’re also going to be renovating and adding new windows, or plan on improving any outbuildings in your garden, then aluminium windows can ensure an attractive, long-lasting result which could also boost your home value. We can also fabricate aluminium french doors which enable you to have a view of your garden from the comfort of your own home, providing ventilation, aesthetics and practicality.

ABS is based in the East Midlands and installs aluminium windows and doors across the UK.

We offer an incredible range of services that span all types of aluminium windows and doors, including curved windows and even Gothic arch and porthole windows. So if you’re ready to transform your garden and want to upgrade any windows in the process, we’re here to help.

Please get in touch either by dropping us an email or giving us a call at 01623 721 172, and our team will get back to you.

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