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Recyclability Of Aluminium



The environment has never been a more important focus, whether you are a business striving to be greener, or an individual looking to cut down on your carbon emissions. One way we can all improve our efforts is by reducing the number of materials we use that either has a limited lifespan or that are difficult to recycle.

Here at ABS, the primary material we use is aluminium. From a consumer perspective, you may be amazed by its malleability properties, meaning we can make everything from round windows to gothic arch windows. However, there’s far more to aluminium than meets the eye.

Specifically, we’re talking about it from an environmental perspective, in that aluminium is fully recyclable. Here’s everything you need to know about why aluminium makes an excellent choice, especially where both your windows and our planet are concerned.

Aluminium Is An Abundant Material

Aluminium is the third most common material found in the earth’s crust. Its abundance matters because we know that depleting resources of any materials that are limited is bad for the environment. 

In addition, because aluminium is fully recyclable, it can go on to have an infinite amount of lifespans, rather than having to harvest the material from scratch every time it is needed. Instead, aluminium simply gets melted down in a furnace ready to be reused again. 

The above video gives an insightful demonstration of how aluminium cans are recycled. While the process of recycling aluminium windows is slightly different, the premise remains the same. So whether the aluminium is a drink can, an aeroplane wing or the humble aluminium window, it can all go on to have another life! 

Aluminium Is Easy To Form

bernard hermant ArrqPuc65 8 unsplash - Aluminium Bending Specialists

A key component of the recycling process is not just how easily the material melts down, but how easily it can be reused again. The great news here is that aluminium can be formed into practically any shape possible. 

Aluminium can also have alloys such as magnesium, silicon, manganese or zinc added to it so that it will become more suited to a particular user type. 

This means that when aluminium is recycled, it can go on to have a completely different usage than in its former life. Such flexibility isn’t always the case with other materials, and since aluminium is used in an extremely wide range of industries, this can only be a good thing where the environment is concerned. 

Aluminium Is Super Strong Yet Lightweight

ricardo gomez angel 0BfH uNpE4Y unsplash - Aluminium Bending Specialists

In a previous post, we mentioned how aluminium has many different grades, meaning you can select the right aluminium grade for your project. 

Why does this help towards its environmental benefits? Consider purchasing a pair of shoes that are poorly made and not fit for the job. Soon, you’d develop holes in the soles and the seams could even fall apart, meaning you’d need to purchase new shoes. 

The same analogy can be used for any building project, in that the material must be able to withstand its intended usage. Otherwise, there could be both safety and cost implications. In the case of aluminium, not only is it incredibly strong but it’s also lightweight, further adding to its potential usage capabilities. 

By selecting materials that are built to last, homeowners and developers alike can avoid the need to constantly replace items. Aluminium windows have a lifespan of between 25 years, and in some cases up to 45 years.

Such properties are exactly what every developer should strive for when they are genuinely putting the environment at the forefront of their business decisions. 

Aluminium Window Installer UK

ABS is a UK-based manufacturer and installer of aluminium windows. While aluminium windows are considered an investment purchase, they will offer a much longer lifespan versus uPVC or wooden windows. 

Not only that, but aluminium windows also add value to a property and can even be customised to any colour you have in mind for your home or business. Best of all, aluminium is also fully recyclable, which cannot be said for all construction materials.

For any developer or property owner looking to make a more responsible choice for their building, aluminium windows continue to lead the way. We’re ready and waiting to offer you further advice, especially if you’re currently constructing a new building or looking to update your existing windows. 

Give us a call on 01623 721 172 or drop us an email and our friendly team will be in touch.  

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