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The Basics Of Aluminium Bending



A key difference with aluminium windows is that, unlike uPVC or wooden windows, aluminium windows do not have joins. That’s because aluminium has the ability to be bent into the required shape using the same piece of material, instead of having to glue or screw various components together. The result gives a stronger finish but a seamless one too.

The ability to manipulate aluminium into shape is due to a process called aluminium bending. Aside from windows, aluminium bending can be used to build facades, shopfronts, architecture, engineering structures and much more. This makes aluminium an incredibly versatile material, whether it’s used in residential or commercial projects.

Here is an overview of what aluminium bending entails to tell you more.

Aluminium properties

How To Bend Aluminium

The magic behind aluminium bending is using heat rather than physical force. Aluminium has the lowest melting point of any industrially used metal, though the goal with aluminium bending is to bring the material into a state where it is malleable enough to manipulate it into the required shape, rather than using excessive heat.

When aluminium reaches the optimum temperature, special tools will be used to bend it into shape. It is essential to get the bend right the first time as aluminium cannot be heated multiple times as it will weaken the material. This is why expert skill is needed to achieve the right results that perfectly match the client’s requirements.

The process of heating aluminium is known as thermal expansion, which essentially means the aluminium slightly increases in size as it is heated. The material will reduce back down once it has cooled.

The Benefits Of Aluminium Bending

Not all metals are suitable for bending, which only leaves the option of using a less suitable material or having to affix various elements together. Structurally speaking this may create issues and aesthetically it may not be ideal either. That’s because every time a piece of material has to be cut the atoms are broken down and each piece becomes weaker than if it was kept as one.

Aluminium offers the ideal solution because, under controlled conditions like in our Midlands aluminium bending factory, the pieces can be shaped with ease. What’s most impressive is that this allows for curved elements to be created, which just wouldn’t be possible if the material wasn’t malleable.

In addition, aluminium is also recyclable which means if a piece does not come up to standard during the bending process, or when the project reaches the end of its lifespan, the material can be melted down and reused for something else.

Aluminium Bending Services across the UK

With ABS (Aluminium Bending Specialists) – the clue is in the name! We are the UK’s premier aluminium extrusion and non-ferrous sectioning bending company.

If you would like any further help or guidance on aluminium bending for your project then we’re here to help. We are based in Nottinghamshire but work with clients from across the UK and Ireland.

Please get in touch either by dropping us an email or giving us a call on 01623 721 172.

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