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Why We Use Powder Coating In Manufacturing



Whenever you carry out any work on your property, it’s always worth taking steps to ensure the result will last for a long time. Your windows are no different, as regardless of what they are made from, they need to be able to withstand the elements.

Here at ABS, we make aluminium windows and doors, and powder coating is the process we use to protect them. But what makes powder coating so special? Here’s our guide on why we use powder coating in manufacturing to tell you more.

Powder Coating: An Overview

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Powder coating was first invented in the 1940s by Daniel Gustin in America. Any material which can withstand the heat required to cure the finish can be powder coated. This includes aluminium, brass, titanium, and steel.

The process of applying a powder coating, begins with the prep work. A pre-treatment is applied to aluminium to remove oil, lubricating greases, soil and various other impurities. Similar to prepping a surface for painting, unless you have the right base to begin with the finish won’t be as good as it could be, which is why we carry out this important first step.

Next, the powder coating is applied in the form of a free-flowing powder to the aluminium surface. It is then cured under heat which will set rock solid once it has cooled down. The result will give a finish that’s even tougher than conventional paint.

The powder can be applied in a wide range of colours, which includes dual colours too. Therefore, it not only ensures longevity for your aluminium windows but is a great way of styling them to suit your personal taste or brand colours for your building too.

But Why Powder Coating?

powder coating

Aluminium is a fantastic material to use for windows and doors because it happens to be malleable (meaning it can be bent into any shape, including round windows) but is also stylish too. This is especially the case when you use aluminium windows to create a large focal point in your property. Aluminium is also fully recyclable, which is great for anyone looking to cut back on their plastic consumption by avoiding uPVC windows and doors.

While aluminium doesn’t rust, it is prone to corrosion which is why powder coating is a necessity. But given powder coating can last up to 20 years before needing to be reapplied, it involves minimal hassle in the long run. This simple procedure will ensure your aluminium windows are protected, and also gives a smooth, superb finish to the look of your windows too.

Ultimately, powder coating gives you the best of both worlds. You get to benefit from stylish, practical, eco-friendly aluminium windows and doors. At the same time, they won’t corrode or fade, because you’ve added a protective coating.

Can’t I Just Choose Another Window Type?

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Aside from aluminium, the only other window frame types are uPVC or wood. However, neither of these material types is free from maintenance. Taking wood as an example, there isn’t a paint out there that could guarantee up to 20 years of no maintenance like powder coating would. In fact, the paint on wooden windows often disintegrates over time. Plus, wood also swells and contracts depending on the weather which can also affect the paintwork, not to mention making it difficult to open and close the door or windows.

As for uPVC, it is possible to spray paint the frames. But again, the paint will not last up to 20 years. The windows themselves are usually only guaranteed for about 7 years. In some areas of the UK, the use of uPVC isn’t even permitted because of conservation. Therefore, no process in other window types stands up to the superior protection that powder coating will give for aluminium windows.

Aluminium bending services across the UK

ABS are the UK’s leading company in aluminium extrusion bending. With years of experience, we’re round to be a part of British manufacturing history.

With this comes the quality of an ISO 9001 Certificate so that you can be sure we’re able to offer precision manufacturing all of the time.

Whether you need something for an exterior project or bespoke aluminium furniture for inside, call us today on 01623 272464 for a free quote ABS Ltd.

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