Aluminium Bending Archways

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Royal Arsenal Riverside

Beautiful arched windows and doors designed and manufactured to fit existing surveyed openings.

The Brief

We we approached to participate in the the second phase at Royal Arsenal Riverside in Woolwich. The team were in need to out bending expertise for the design and manufacture of 22 arched head curtain walling complete with doors.

Will Jones at Fenestration walked us through the project and asked for our advice. After a review of their needs we explained the intricacies of what needed to be done, create our project plan and got to work.

How We Helped

  • Advice on curving possibilities
  • Bending the aluminium to shape

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After calculating the dimensions of the bendings needed we got to work. Our team sprung into action with technical drawings accurate to the millimetre. Once everything had been confirmed we started the process of bending the material.

Ecstatic with the final result, our client installed the material ready for their arched windows and doors to be seated.

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Want to budget for your project? Use our online quote builder!