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How To Clean Aluminium Doors



The beauty of aluminium, when used as a material to make doors or indeed windows, is that it is low maintenance. This is especially the case if you’ve had an aluminium powder coating applied, which works to protect the aluminium material from the elements. That said, all fixtures and fittings in your home or commercial building will require at least an occasional cleaning, and aluminium doors are no exception.

Following the correct cleaning methods will help ensure your aluminium doors look great while meaning they are not damaged by the incorrect products or methods. While we’d always recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions or contacting us for advice, here is an overview of how to clean aluminium doors to guide you.

basic cleaning - Aluminium Bending Specialists

Aluminium Doors – Best Cleaning Practices

Basic cleans – Using warm water and a wringed-out sponge or cloth. It’s usually quite straightforward to remove stains or debris from you aluminium door including plant matter, bird droppings or general pollution. Adding in a mild detergent can sometimes help to lift stubborn stains, but you must ensure the product is compatible with aluminium (avoid strong detergents or bleach). Otherwise, you can stick to water and a touch of elbow grease. 

Intermediate cleans – Household ingredients such as white vinegar can remove oxidation spots from aluminium frames, and baking soda mixed as a paste with lemon juice can bring out the sparkle. It’s always best to do a test piece in an inconspicuous location to ensure the mixture is compatible with your aluminium frames. Also, never use abrasive brushes or other tools to clean aluminium doors as this may damage them.

Specialised cleans – Aluminium doors can also be cleaned with specific aluminium door cleaning solutions. Usually, such cleans are able to remove oxidation stains as well as general stains from the surface of the material. It is important to read the instructions, as often aluminium cleaners are industrial-grade products that require careful dilution with water. 

Aluminium Doors – Do They Need Cleaning Or Replacing?

It’s true that aluminium has an incredible lifespan, with aluminium doors having a typical lifespan of 45 years. But what if your aluminium doors are older than this, or have been subject to a lack of care, damage or the wrong cleaning materials?

It’s always good to know when any window or door type has reached the end of its lifespan. The good news is that if you are looking to replace your aluminium doors, then ABS are specialist manufacturer who can create and install your dream design. 

bifold doors - Aluminium Bending Specialists

Aluminium doors and installation by ABS

Are you interested in having aluminium doors installed? 

ABS is a leading manufacturer of aluminium windows and doors. Backed by various certifications for quality assurance, we can bring decades of experience to your next project. Find out more from our aluminium doors page here.

Based in Nottinghamshire, we operate across the UK and produce our aluminium doors at our purpose-built factory

So if you’re in search of a material that will stand the test of time, not to mention look fantastic then aluminium is that material. 

If you’re ready to make your purchase, you can use our build a quote service to place your order, Or, if you’d like to speak to our team about your project please give us a call on 01623 721 172

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