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Reversible Windows: How do they work

Annie Everill

Annie Everill

Windows are an essential aspect of a property’s aesthetic and efficiency. Holding the dual role of functionality and design, the window frames you choose can set the tone for your home or business, while also providing ventilation, safety and natural light.

Although most windows look the same and have the same standard role, the market is filled with an array of specifications and benefits with different people prioritising different aspects. Whilst some might be looking for something stylish, others might focus on the material being used or how easy the frame is to maintain. That’s where a reversible window comes in.

Providing easy maintenance and accessibility, a reversible window may be a great option for your home or commercial property. 

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What is a reversible window? 

A reversible window boasts a striking design that has the ability to be turned completely around, offering a unique touch compared to a standard window frame. Instead of sliding it or tilting it open, a reversible window can be turned a full 180 degrees, leaving the outside-facing panel inside your property. 

With a reversible window, you have unrestrained access to both sides of it meaning maintenance and accessibility are a huge bonus. 

How do reversible windows work? 

Reversible windows operate by pivoting a full 180 degrees on hinges installed to the frame. The construction makes for a smooth, sleek movement and also allows the window to be stopped at a selection of different angles to offer complete control and versatility. 

The mechanism also typically includes a safety catch that needs to be released before you can achieve a full 180 rotation, to keep your windows secure and safe when moved into their new position. 

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Benefits of a reversible window

Depending on where your window is installed, different properties and people will benefit from different features. From easy cleaning methods to safety, here are some of the key benefits that reversible windows provide. 

  • Easy maintenance: many windows prove to be difficult to clean when it comes to the outside panel and groves, however, reversible windows provide users with easy cleaning methods and accessibility. Once the window has been rotated and moved, it can easily be wiped down, washed and polished without any restrictions or potential danger, something which benefits both commercial and domestic settings. 
  • Safety and security: reversible windows typically come with built-in clips and catches which provide properties and occupants with a high sense of security. Due to the complex construction, these windows are often finished to a high standard and use quality materials such as aluminium.
  • Room temperature and ventilation: on some occasions, having a window shut can lead to overheating but having the window open can cause a draft or cold temperatures. Keeping a window open at a certain angle, can lead to a comfortable room temperature plus benefits such as ventilation and maximum airflow. 
  • Accessibility: when installed in spaces such as lofts, garages or high-rise buildings, having a reversible window can provide easy access. 

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