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What Is A Thermal Break In Aluminium Windows And Why Does It Matter?



How energy efficient is your home or commercial building? If you are looking to make any improvements to the eco-friendliness of your property, your windows are probably top of the list, especially if it’s been some time since your windows were updated. 

After all, windows take up 25% of the average wall space, so having energy-efficient windows couldn’t be more important. 

There are lots of terms you may come across when researching how energy efficient windows are, not to mention measuring their overall performance. One such term is thermally broken windows, which may refer to the window glass itself or the window panes.

Here at ABS, we produce aluminium windows. So in today’s post, we will be covering what is a thermal break in aluminium windows, along with why it’s important that your windows are thermally broken.

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What Is Thermally Broken Aluminium?

A thermal break refers to a non-conductive material that is placed within the aluminium window or door framing. This material ensures that heat or cooler temperatures cannot pass through either side of the window frame.

So on the outside of the window, as the sun shines, that strong heat cannot pass through the full density of the window frame into the inside room. Or, when the weather is colder, the cold air from the outside is trapped outside. Likewise, the thermal break means that inside, any heat or cool air cannot escape through the window frame, acting as a form of insulation.

It is only possible to see a thermal break when looking at a window frame that has been cut through since the material will be placed within the window frame itself. But although it’s not visible, a thermal break will be highly effective in reducing heat loss indoors during the winter and in preventing hot air outside from entering the home in the warmer months. 

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Why Do Windows Need A Thermal Break?

Temperature comfort is essential in any home or commercial environment. Quite simply, if it becomes too hot or cold indoors, then that space is going to require more energy to cool or heat. In the worst scenarios, the environment may even be unusable, especially if the temperatures dip too low during the winter or become unbearably stuffy during the summer.

Therefore, a thermal break within windows helps to ensure the building is more energy-efficient and, in doing so, also improves the temperature comfort.

Thermal breaks are highly necessary, as aside from energy efficiency and even the cost of energy bills, additional problems can occur if windows don’t have a thermal break in them. One example is the formation of condensation on windows, as although excess moisture in the air is partly to blame for condensation, having poorly performing windows certainly doesn’t help either. 

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How Can I Improve The Energy Efficiency Of My Home?

The first step we’d definitely recommend is to have a heat loss survey or thermal energy test conducted. From there, you’ll see exactly which elements of your building are leaking heat – often windows and doors are the main culprits. 

Although you’ll need to look into aspects such as insulation, if your windows or doors are found to be leaking excessive amounts of heat (therefore pushing your energy bills up in the process), then your windows and doors should be upgraded at the earliest convenience.

There are plenty of materials to choose from, including uPVC and wooden windows and doors. However, aluminium windows and doors offer the longest lifespan and can also improve the aesthetic, not to mention the value of your home. As all modern aluminium windows should contain a thermal break, they stand to offer incredible energy efficient benefits for your home versus retaining older, poorly performing windows and doors. 

ABS – Aluminium Windows & Doors UK

Is it time that your home or commercial building had the latest energy-saving techniques installed? If so, aluminium windows and doors that contain a thermal break should be top of your agenda. 

ABS is based in the East Midlands and installs aluminium windows and doors across the UK. 

We offer an incredible range of services that span all types of aluminium windows and doors, including curved windows and even gothic arch and porthole windows. Whatever design your building has, or even if you’re looking to make some renovations to your home – we’re here to help.

For any advice on thermal breaks or aluminium window or door installation, please get in touch either by dropping us an email or giving us a call on 01623 721 172, and our team will get back to you. 

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