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What Is Aluminium Section Bending?



Aluminium section bending is a type of manufacturing process which involves forming pieces of aluminium into specific shapes or curves. The process is commonly used to produce large quantities of parts with consistent dimensions and tolerances. Though, it’s also possible to produce one-off pieces too.

Some of the ways aluminium section bending is achieved include press bending, roll bending or hydraulic bending. Without aluminium section bending, it would be difficult to fabricate complex parts needed for structural components or decorative applications. Aluminium section bending is applicable to a wide range of industries including construction, architecture, automotive, aerospace and much more. 

Here at ABS, we’re aluminium section bending specialists. Let’s take a closer look at aluminium section bending to inspire your next project with us.

Why is aluminium bending used?

aluminium bending uk

Aluminium section bending is an incredible feat of engineering. Consider that not all sections of cut materials have the ability to be curved or re-shaped. However, with aluminium the options both in terms of shapes and usage potential are unlimited.

The main reason why aluminium bending is used is to offer flexibility to projects, while also allowing the project to benefit from the many excellent properties of aluminium itself. 

In construction and architecture especially, design plans will often require an innovative solution to cater to different requirements. The ability to create curved or intricate shapes with aluminium creates unlimited potential for the finished outcome.

The Ability To Bend Aluminium Makes Anything Possible

Aluminium is a truly amazing material. It is strong yet lightweight and has an infinite life cycle as it can be melted down and repurposed, meaning unlike other materials, it won’t lose its strength nor will it end up in a landfill making it environmentally friendly. If that wasn’t enough, aluminium can also be formed into different shapes including through aluminium section bending. This means aluminium can be used for an endless array of purposes.

Take a look around any city centre, and you’ll likely see examples of aluminium sections bending all around you. From the curved aluminium seating in public transport hubs to impressive sculptures, not to mention curved aluminium windows on older buildings. 

All of these interesting shapes have been made possible by the ability to bend sections of aluminium into any desired shape. If that wasn’t the case, then other materials would be used which may not offer as much flexibility shape-wise, nor be as suited to the elements as aluminium is. 

Aluminium Section Bending services across the UK 

curved railing top in aluminium - Aluminium Bending Specialists

With ABS (Aluminium Bending Specialists) – the clue is in the name! We are the UK’s premier aluminium extrusion and non-ferrous sectioning bending company. 

Some of our top services include aluminium bending, aluminium windows, curved windows and doors, gothic arch windows, aluminium round windows, porthole windows, commercial windows along with architectural powder coating.

Whatever you have in mind for your project, or if you require more information on our aluminium section bending processes we’re here to help. 

Please get in touch either by dropping us an email or giving us a call on 01623 721 172 for further help or information. 

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