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What is a U value and why do they matter for windows?

Annie Everill

Annie Everill

A U-value is a measurement that can tell customers, manufacturers and building owners the energy efficiency of windows, doors and roofs. By comparing different brands’ U-values, you can then choose the best and most energy-efficient option for a home, business or commercial space. Saving money and improving your sustainability efforts. 

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How do U-values work?

A U-value is calculated from the rate of energy transfer through a single square meter of the structure and is then divided by the difference in temperature at either side, quoted as watts per square metre. To put it simply, in terms of windows, the lower the U-value, the better the energy efficiency. U-values can also be used to measure other building structures such as a roof, walls, floor and doors. 

Why are U-values important?

The industry standard Window Energy Rating was implemented to allow consumers to compare the energy efficiency of different products around a home or business and can be found on a number of household items and appliances.  In the UK, the primary need for this value is for energy efficiency and reducing heat loss. There are, however, a number of benefits that U-values provide including:

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What is a good U-value? 

A good, effective U-value would be anything that meets the Building Regulations or lower which is currently sitting at 1.4. European window manufacturers also add more emphasis on U-values which have the lowest figure of 0.8. 

Below, you can find the new building regulations for 2023 U-values which relate to the standards for fabric performance and cover the minimum U-value requirements. 

  • Roof: 0.15 
  • Wall: 0.18
  • Floor: 0.18
  • Window: 1.4
  • Door: 1.4 

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