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What is green aluminium?

Annie Everill

Annie Everill

Consumers are paying closer attention to production methods as the world becomes increasingly environmentally aware. This is particularly relevant in the metal production industry, which significantly contributes to carbon emissions.

Although aluminium is considered an eco-friendly metal, its production process still has room for improvement. Green aluminium is produced with a reduced environmental footprint and provides benefits such as reduced carbon, cleaner technologies, ecological conservation, and a general rise in environmental consideration.

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How is green aluminium different to standard aluminium?

‘Green aluminium’ refers to aluminium produced with a reduced environmental impact. This involves using technologies and practices designed to minimise energy consumption, emissions, and overall environmental effects. Various approaches, such as advanced smelting technologies, efficiency improvements, and the use of renewable energy sources, contribute to making aluminium production greener.

Another key factor in determining whether aluminium is considered green is its recycled content. Aluminium is one of the most widely recycled metals, with recycling rates exceeding 90% in many industries. Producing recycled aluminium requires only about 5% of the energy needed to produce new aluminium.

The benefits of green aluminium

Reduced carbon emissions: By using advanced smelting technologies and renewable energy sources, green aluminium production significantly lowers greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional methods. Many green aluminium plants are powered by renewable energy sources such as hydroelectric, solar, or wind power. This switch from fossil fuels to clean energy sources reduces the overall carbon emissions significantly.

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Energy efficiency

The production process of green aluminium is designed to be more energy-efficient, which not only conserves resources but also reduces production costs in the long run. Green aluminium is often produced with lifecycle considerations in mind, meaning the energy savings continue through recycling and reuse.


Green aluminium supports sustainability goals by minimising the environmental impact of the production process. This aligns with global efforts to combat climate change and promote eco-friendly practices.

Economic advantages

Companies that adopt green aluminium practices can benefit from cost savings in energy consumption and potential subsidies or incentives for using sustainable methods. Additionally, there is growing market demand for eco-friendly products, which can open new business opportunities.

Recycling benefits

Green aluminium often incorporates a high percentage of recycled content. Recycling aluminium saves approximately 95% of the energy required to produce new aluminium, further reducing the environmental footprint. High recycling rates mean less aluminium waste ends up in landfills, reducing the environmental burden of waste disposal.

Enhanced corporate reputation

Companies that use green aluminium can enhance their reputation by demonstrating a commitment to environmental responsibility. This can attract eco-conscious consumers and investors, boosting brand loyalty and market share.

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Regulatory compliance

As governments worldwide implement stricter environmental regulations, using green aluminium helps companies stay compliant and avoid potential fines or penalties. As regulations continue to evolve, companies that have already adopted green aluminium practices are better positioned to adapt to future changes in regulatory landscapes.

Resource conservation

By improving the efficiency of aluminium production and increasing the use of recycled materials, green aluminium helps conserve natural resources and reduce the dependency on raw material extraction. Where materials are reused and recycled continuously, reducing the demand for new resources and minimising waste.

The future of green aluminium

Green aluminium appears to be the future of the industry. As sustainability becomes a core focus in industrial practices and new regulations CBAM is implemented, green aluminium is likely to become increasingly prevalent, especially in industries such as construction, electrics, architecture and engineering. Driven by governmental policies such as the UK’s net-zero target, the aluminium industry is expected to align with these environmental goals, making green aluminium a common product in the future.

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