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Your Guide to Bay Windows

Annie Everill

Annie Everill

Home design trends are on a constant rotation and are made up of several styles and concepts. Since the late 15th century, bay windows have appeared in homes, commercial spaces and historic buildings, adding a sense of elegance and timeless aesthetic. The first bay windows were purely ornamental however over the centuries, architects found this window frame could fill a room with natural light, add additional space, improve the airflow and add a traditional touch. With all this in mind, bay windows have made their way into buildings worldwide and have been adapted in their shape, decorations and finishings.

What is a bay window?

A bay window is a type of window structure that projects outward from the main walls of a building, creating a bay or alcove inside the room. Typically, bay windows are composed of three or more individual windows, with the centre window typically being larger and projecting further outward than the windows on either side. This design allows for increased natural light, panoramic views, and often additional interior space which can be used for seating, storage, or decorative purposes.

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Types of bay windows

Bay windows have been around for more than 500 years and although their basic structures and use have remained the same, there are now several different styles on the market which provide design flexibility for both domestic and commercial space. Here are the four different types of bay windows:

Canted Bay Windows: constructed with a classic shape, canted bay windows have a flat front with angled sides and are only found on the first level of homes and buildings.

Box Bay Windows: box bay windows are structurally the same as canted windows however, the flanking windows on the side meet the front window at a 90-degree angle.

Oriel Windows: first popularised on mansions during the English Renaissance., the oriel bay window is built into the side of a home, never touching the ground. There is also usually a decorative bracket or corbel of wood, stone, or masonry underneath the windows to provide structural support.

Circle Bay Windows: Circle bay windows are less common but are distinct enough to be recognised as their own style. These windows are characterised by larger panes of glass on the three sides of the bay and additional panes above the windows. Circle bay windows typically feature the most intricate structure and ornamental details.

Aluminium Bay Windows: Offering panoramic views and a stylish finish, bay windows are the perfect mix between modern and traditional styles combined with aluminium construction, these windows provide a lasting, energy efficient solution for domestic and commercial properties.

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The different styles of a bay window

With multiple bay window types and configurations available, you can design a custom bay window to fit the unique characteristics of your home’s architectural style or business concept. Like many other window types, bay windows can be adapted to fit into current trends or preferences, some offering a more modern look whilst others provide a vintage finish.

Victorian Bay Windows

Typically found in Victorian homes, places of worship or period properties, these classic canted bay windows come with a string of tales and history.

Tudor Bay

Tudor bay windows are usually reinforced by wood brackets that match the uncovered timbers on the rest of the facade. Casement windows were common in Tudors and often used in groups of two or three.

Modern Bay Windows

Traditional bay windows may not always complement a more contemporary interior. But the bay window style is also suited for modern design as these versions are designed with small frames and large expanses of glass.

Mid-Century Modern

The mid-century modern design follows the same clean, minimalist aesthetic, combining both modern and traditional frames into a mid-century modern bay window whilst also emphasising the beauty of the outdoor environment at the same time.

Craftsman Bay Windows

A Craftsman bay window is a style of bay window commonly seen in Craftsman-style homes, known for its simple yet elegant design. It typically features square or tapered columns supporting a low-pitched roof, wide window trim, and multiple panes of glass separated by wooden dividers.

Bay window fabrication by ABS

Whether you’re looking for a large bay window in your lounge or a small side frame, our team of window experts will use the highest quality aluminium for the job. We also fabricate window styles including arched, gothic arch and porthole.

If you’re looking for advice or help with your bay windows, give us a call on 01623 392370 for some free advice or request a free quote here.

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